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Rinjani Mountain National Park #lombok #indonesia

Rinjani Mountain National Park #lombok #indonesia - writer team: paket wisata lombok and also lombok property with totally support by les privat mataram and les privat denpasar bali - National Park MARINE TOURISM Mount Rinjani - on the height more than 3,700 m, there firmly established disquisition nature that it is amazing. As if it was created the Gods to indulge themselves. Caldera a broad with lake were the blue, and the walls rugged and forests that surround it and New Mountain glimpsed in the middle of it made the top of the Mount Rinjani visited by thousands of people over the years. Not to mention its slope with the slopes- green store and the biodiversity beauty invaluable. To the community especially Sasak, the tribe of Bali, the Mount Rinjani is a holy place his the Gods so it is no wonder if this beautiful places is also as a visiting. Mount Rinjani with the height 3,726 meters above sea level is the volcano to highest level-two in Indonesia and is also part of the fire circle its slope covered by trees that directly into the sea to make this place has a different weather and play a role as source of water in Lombok island. National Park Mount Rinjani is located in the region transition bio-(geographical Wallace line), in which flora and fauna Southeast Asia met with flora and fauna Australasia. National Park Mount Rinjani is one of 50 national parks that are in Indonesia was established in 1997 (data : paket wisata lombok and tour lombok also paket wisata lombok and paket tour lombok can found with mutiara lombok will inform you about harga mutiara) For the community Lombok island, especially Sasak, the tribe of Bali, the Mount Rinjani is considered as a sacred that is the palace of the Gods. Crater Lake were Children is the pilgrimage for thousands people every year. In sacred places, various- offerings elephant statue which was then placed on the surface of the water and is usually the pilgrims submerged in the pool hot water that was believed to be able to heal various skin diseases. For the visitors, the routes trekking Rinjani for three days starting from Senaru menunuju to the lips crater down directly to crater lake, then to Sembalun Lawang. This route has been recognized as one of the track in the South-East Asia. For overnight stays for climbers who wanted to get a adventure that more and want to reach the peak, it suggests that started the track pendakiannya through Sembalun Lawang and ended in Senaru, pass through this route needs more time 4 days. To help conserve nature and to ensuring that the people who were in the national park border gain from the result such tourism, then Rinjani Trek managed in a partnership with Balai Besar National Park, the private sector, including tourism industry and civil society representatives from Lombok. Community welfare establish a co-operative who coordinated trekking in Rinjani Track Center, Senaru and Rinjani Information Center, Sembalun Lawang (data : mutiara lombok and harga mutiara including paket wisata lombok and lombok tour with social media on mutiara lombok videos with harga mutiara). Each Track Center to apply to turn the guides and potter, including tour in the village. Money from such tourism and fees into national parks are used for conservation, training, management and national park to help keep track trekking, this is intended to ensure kesinambungannya. To monitor and support the activity, the body builder Trekking Rinjani in cooperation with the central government (Balai Besar National Park and local governments (Disparda) and assisted by tourism industry sector by and the public. Form of this institution is slightly different in Indonesia and recognized as a model for management as a model is an ideal in the field. National Park Mount Rinjani stretching over an area of 41,330 hectares, which is located in three districts, Lombok Tengah East Lombok, West Lombok province of East Nusa Tenggara. In addition the top Rinjani and lake were Children, in the region there are many tourist attractions nature that can be enjoyed. Based on the Letter of Provincial Governor West Nusa Tenggara No. 2 National Park area in 1989 Mount Rinjani is one of 15 locations that have the potential to develop and natural tourism tourist destination in Nusa Tenggara Barat province. A number of locations main attraction the visit is as follows: The top of the Mount Rinjani Mountaineering Rinjani (peak) is one of tourism objects that are being relied upon in the National Park Mount Rinjani. Mount Rinjani as volcanic mountains that are still active number 2 highest in Indonesia. The top of the Mount Rinjani is the most adventurer and nature lover who was visiting this area because it when, which interest lovers alam across nusantara even from various countries in the ascent big enough, it was proven by the number of visitors who make up the ascent each year is always experienced an increase. In the ascent in large-scale dilakikan in July, s/d August (middle) participants ascent generally dominated by the Indonesian students from all over Indonesia who want to celebrate Republic of Indonesia Independence Day Celebration at the top of the Mount Rinjani and the Lake were Children through "Steps Rinjani" held regularly every year by one of the groups in Lombok Island that cooperate with National Park Mount Rinjani. Lake were Children The enchantment of blue chips National Park that is very prospective is Rinjani Lake were Children, this location can take from two routes officially ascent from the steeping Senaru and the steeping Sembalun. To visit Lake were Children from the path senaru needed time to spend on approximately 7-10 hours on foot (± 8 km) from the entrance of the gate the steeping Senaru. While from the steeping Sembalun undertaken by the time 8 - 10 hours. Lake were children with the height ± 2,020 meters above sea level and depth lake around ± 230 meters had the form of a crescent moon with widespread around 1,100 Ha (data: perhiasan mutiara can you detect on jual mutiara and mutiara lombok videos with harga mutiara). Around Lake were Children there are enough land area and flat, it can be used for the berkemping/encamped, is also visitors can be fishing didanau or soaked in hot water containing sulfur. Other objects around Lake River upper were Children is Koko Puteq ± 150 meters from the Lake were Children. In addition, there are also Goa Milk, Goa beads, Goa umbrella. Goa umbrella are believed to be able to be media self-reflection and often used as the place where she meditated. While at the bottom Lake were Children there are a source of water hot (Both male Kalak Pengkereman Jembangan) which is usually used to test and bathe objects auspicious (sword, kris, small dagger, Spears, Machetes, etc) where if these objects will be sticky when soaked mark these objects had no power bad/supernatural, rather when these objects remains intact means has the greatest supernatural power objects/is believed to have potency. Waterfall Sendang Gile Senaru Other than as a gate ascent Village Senaru also keeps other tourism potential the waterfall Gile (± 25 M) is a waterfall two levels with the temperature is quite cool, you can feel the dashes wind that was created by the waterfall that is quite high. As village indigenous peoples, Senaru also have the village (village) architecturally-traditional that was built on the calendar "top-down" in the order is at least as traditional house melokaq (mangku), according to widespread belief for women who charge d'affaires and the couple of husband and wife who was not yet finished indigenous peoples kawinya prohibited from entering the house indigenous peoples. Traditional House traditional sasak parrot, is a housing complex to be maintained their authenticity. in the village Senaru you can find accommodation and restaurants around the ascent gate waterfall. Waterfall Orange (fruit) waterfall Orange (fruit) with the height ± 30 m that precisely in the village yellow flowers is located in the southern National Park area which is in the village yellow flowers. Around location toward waterfalls (Tete stone) there are many accommodation for visitors both local and foreign tourists including such as Home Stay, Cottages, Restorant etc. this area (around the waterfall) in addition to their natural that we can also see beautiful natural attractions behaviors form and eagle safaris Silvery Lutung who was expected to this area is habitat and population in the National Park biggest Mount Rinjani. Bathing brain Crowing Ivory brain Crowing natural scenery was the region with a beautiful and winter, here is a waterfall that is believed to be the community around can cure various diseases in a way in the waterfall bath brain where Crowing if foam that has touched our body color change white is indicated that our body affected by the disease. Around the waterfall also built swimming pool and gazebo in a place of quiet rest/places. In the brain Crowing too there are Arberetum area that is being developed National Park by Rinjni in cooperation with local communities concerned Arboretum (KMPA) brain Crowing Ivory Coast. And for those who want to camp and enjoy the panorama nature, it has been available area in Tatters Ground. Bathing hot water be in harmony with hot water is believed to be in harmony with the people can cure various skin diseases (skin fungus appears, ringworm, ringworm etc), and is supported with panorama surround location hot water, such as the hill Odor, and panorama along the trail toward the location for bathing that many found some species of birds, deer, monkeys gray also silvery lutung. People's trust But regretted that there is a knows that by doing away with clothes that have been used to soak in vain it is a disease they will also be wasted. So around the location for bathing tend to be seen gross by dress that is used to take a bath visitors although it has been provided the garbage cans. Articles Related to : Lombok Property

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